David Anderson’s Kanban class

Last week I had the pleasure of attending David Anderson’s two day class of Kanban. His analytical take on agile development was actually quite refreshing and you can always appreciate someone willing to share his vast experience.

I’m somewhat a statistical geek myself, so his preference to statistical information over estimates make a lot of sense and really sounds good to. Estimating is hard and pretty much useless after a while, when you have some decent statistics about velocity. There is still a place and need for splitting user stories to tasks.

Maybe the biggest surprise was that he doesn’t consider Kanban to be a software management process at all, it’s something applied to your current process. So starting from scratch is not an option, you need to have a starting point.

Other key point was how correct use of classes of service can drive to customer satisfaction. Classes of service and predictable lead time will drive customer satisfaction without a doubt.

On a side note I got a bunch of new tips what books to read. Specially Switch Switch – How To Change Things When Change Is Hard (Chip, Dan Heath) sounds like a book that could help me fight the emotional resistance that change always triggers in people.

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