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The Illusion of Importance

The good people, the important people are called to meetings a lot, they spend lion share of their time sitting in a meeting room with other important folk. They are always busy and occupied. They spend their time in important meetings, because they are so important that the meeting would be meaningless unless they attended. As a driven, motivated and ambitious being you also want to be considered important for the company. After all having your plate full meetings conveyances your importance to company and is by far the most important metric for your own career development.

“I participate in a meeting, therefore I am important”. –Rene Descartes

They have their calendars so full that they don’t have time to do actual work so they sit at the meetings with their laptops doing the work they should have done days ago and in the process don’t actually pay attention to what ever that meeting was about. This will prolong the meeting meaning that they will be late for the next meeting which will then prolong even more. Then follow up meetings will be programmed. This vicious circle tends to get worse and it can even be contagious. Some people tend to invite even more people to these meetings robbing them the precious productive time and it is surprisingly hard to say no to these invitations.

“One cannot participate twice in the same meeting” – Heraclitus

Busy people are not available people .They are not there to help and tutor younger colleagues, they are not present to offer their opinion or expertise when problems arise. They are too occupied to do their jobs.

“We participate in the best of all possible meetings” – Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Unfortunately busy people does not equal productive people. The really productive people fill their calendars with nothing so they have time to actually be productive. These productive people posses the most productive commodity: time. Time is what they need to get the job done.